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Re: Draft Sharks Twitter

Postby DS Jared » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:45 pm

drmoyer421 wrote:Those who mock twitter obviously havent used it. Yes for the most part it is geared for teenage people and narscasits, but it is turning into the media news breaking venue. Especially in the sports world it is the first person to tweet the info to break the scoop... wether it be the Farve story, trade info, injury news, etc. People like Adam Shefter, Chris Mort, Peter King, etc will tweet information before they go live on TV or in an online column. Even players and agents will give out news before they tell any media outlet. For example CJ Spiller tweeted on the eve of his birthday that it was going to be a "special one" leading most of his followers to believe he had signed his contract... news didnt break until the following day after that he had signed with the Bills and that it was agreed upon on that special birthday he had mentioned.

I am a follower and cant wait till this season to get that leg up on my competition using this new streamed media outlet.

Glad Tim Biakabatuka is out of the league.

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