MFL 10/50 draft strategy review

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MFL 10/50 draft strategy review

Postby 8eights » Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:20 pm

Did anyone else benefit from drafting 3 defenses in MFL 10s? I know DS gave statistical backup of how much benefit it gave, but not one league I won did I draft 3 defenses. Most leagues I took first in I drafted a defense in the 19th and 20th. With my 18th round pick (where I would typically start drafting defenses if I was going to get three), I went with skilled position players. It was the pickup of Deangelo Williams, Allan Hurns, etc. in the 18th round that basically gave me the win. I've been disputing the drafting three defenses strategy all along. Just curious, did anyone else take a first place finish in a mfl best ball league with 3 defenses on their roster? I am not seeing ANY. My winning rosters all had pretty close to the same breakup...3 QB, 5 RB, 7 WR, 3 TE, 2 Def. If I liked my first 2 QBs I would skip the 3rd one for an 8th WR would good success. It helped having Cam in those leagues though. Any feedback would be appreciated...

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Re: MFL 10/50 draft strategy review

Postby Sean1022 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:59 pm

I won with 3 defenses. Finished 1st and two 2nds with 3 defenses. That said, I also finished middle of the pack in 2 other MFL leagues with 3 defenses. I like taking 3 simply to increase my odds of getting consistent scoring each week out of my defenses. I Feel like there is more volotitilty in def scoring from week to week so having 3 decreases the low scoring weeks.
teams 1 and 2 - 1 pt 10 yds rushing/rec, 1 ppr, 6 td, 1 pt 25 yds passing, 4 tds

Team 1 (10 team) - start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te
qb: Brady, Wentz
rb: Dalvin Cook, B. Powell, J. White, A. Kamara
wr: Green, M. Thomas, B. Cooks, S. Diggs, T. Williams, JJ Nelson
te: Ertz, Doyle

team 2(10 team) - start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex (rb, wr, te)
qb: Mariota, Wilson
Rb: D. Murray, Fournette, D. Henry, Riddick
wr: A. Brown, K. Allen, S. Diggs, Crowder
te: stream

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Re: MFL 10/50 draft strategy review

Postby skiballs68 » Sat May 28, 2016 11:59 pm

I only did 3 MFL 10s, but won one of them. I think I had 3 DST in all of my teams. But the winning team was really just lucky it had Denver, Freeman, and Jordan Reed. The strategy makes sense-you're just trying to capitalize on the natural volatility of the position.

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