Properly valuing rookie TEs and QBs in 2QB 2TE dynasty leagues

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Properly valuing rookie TEs and QBs in 2QB 2TE dynasty leagues

Postby logic » Sun May 14, 2017 2:52 pm

How much of a bump in value does O.J. Howard and other rookie TEs get in 10 team deep dynasty league rookie drafts where the starting lineup is 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2RB/WR/TE Flex, 2K, and 2 Def? Would Howard move into the top 5 in this format? Would Njoku move into the top 10? The drop in production at TE after the top 5 or so was pretty dramatic last season as it is in most seasons. That would seem to put a premium on prospects like Howard and maybe some of the other rookie TEs, but how much so?

Obviously the supply of starting QBs in a given week is set at 32 (less so during bye weeks for teams), so QBs in this format clearly get a huge bump in value. How would you value QBs like Watson, Mahomes, Trubisky and Kizer? I feel like Watson and Mahomes should go top 10 in rookie drafts in this format, but I'm more concerned with their value then whether they'll actually go where they're supposed to. What do you think these player's values would be in this format? Are they top 10?

I have two high 1st round picks and will likely be selecting RBs there which is where my team is weakest. I'm trying to plan my high 2nd round pick and I don't expect these guys to all be there, but if one of Watson, Mahomes, Howard or Njoku are there I think the value of the player should take precedence over another RB or WR that might be available at that pick. Am I over valuing these guys?

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Re: Properly valuing rookie TEs and QBs in 2QB 2TE dynasty leagues

Postby DS Kevin » Tue May 16, 2017 1:35 am

Interesting format.

Now, I would certainly check out our post-draft rankings as a baseline:

For me, Howard would move ahead of Williams ... Njoku ahead of Samuel (and Engram right behind him). I agree to go after a RB (or Corey Davis) early in Round 1.

Mahomes is the only QB I'd take around 10th-12th overall, given his upside and your format. Watson would be a couple spots behind. Kizer/Trubisky would be more late Round 2 types, IMO.

As for your Round 2 pick, Howard would be ideal. I'd be similarly happy to land Njoku, too. Then it's Zay Jones before considering a QB (Mahomes).

Good luck!

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