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July MFL10 Talk

Postby skiballs68 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:50 pm

I started playing MFL10s in 2015 and I started firing up drafts again this month. I'm not a high volume player but I do love this format. For anyone else that's been drafting or if you're thinking about jumping in I thought I'd share a few observations about drafts, player values, and traps.

Maybe we can get a decent thread going here...

1) Beware the Week #6 Bye: I'm pretty convinced that drafting QB early is not the most optimal strategy in best ball. Building a platoon of value pick QBs with some upside is the way to go. QBs with the "konami code" of rushing points are a plus. That being said, the following QBs share the same Week 6 bye this year: Wilson, Prescott, Tyrod, Dalton. Wilson is not a "late round QB" but he does appear to fall into a value range- I scooped him up at 8.10 as the QB6 recently. I went into this month assuming I'd just grab a lot of Dalton/Tyrod pairings in rounds 10/11 but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

2) I've drawn some early picks, and I find it very difficult to not select Demaryius Thomas in the 3.01 to 3.04 range. I love his PPR floor, but it does mean passing on the upside of Cooks and Watkins at that point. I may regrets those decisions come January.

3) Ty Montgomery is a DS fav right now (they're not alone in the industry), and I've ended up with him a couple times already in the late 4th and early 5th. If you're using the MVP board, he's screaming at you to take him.

4) Mark Ingram seems pretty undervalued. He's finished as a Top 10 PPR RB in ppg the last 2 years. I know AP is a threat to touches, but I still see Ingram getting a healthy does of targets (we all know AP isn't a great receiver). He's going outside the Top 20 RBs which means you can get him at his floor. I've landed him in two different leagues in Round 6 (once at 6.12).

5) Bilal Powell - this is another guy that's screaming at you from the MVP board and a DS Jared fav. But I keep missing him. In part, because I went Ingram who is also right there on the board.

6) I know Kelvin Benjamin was #notgood for most of 2016, but he seems very undervalued as the Panthers' WR1. He's going outside the Top 30 WRs, and I keep coming face to face with him in the mid rounds. He just became my WR4 at pick 7.08 in a draft that went pretty WR heavy so far. KB finished as a WR3 last year and he seems assured to gobble up targets again.

7) Frank Gore is a player I've ended up with a couple times and I'm not sure how I feel about it. His weekly ceiling sucks, so if he's cracking your weekly lineup routinely, you're probably not posting the kind of weeks you need to finish 1st out of 12 teams. The only defense for taking him is if your team construction is skewed a bit "Zero RB"- maybe you just want a predictable floor there. I drafted a team where I grabbed Gronk and Reed at TE. TYMont and Gore make up my RB1/RB2. That's kind of a "hyper fragile" team that could succeed, but not a one I'd draft in the new "2X" format, where you only need to finish in the Top 5 to win.

8) Golden Tate - I simply LOVE Tate in Round 4. He's almost always there, and I just keep picking him.

9) The TE position is pretty weird. You can get Gronk fairly late- almost to the 2/3 turn. That's enticing. But Reed isn't cheap like last year and he carries huge injury risk. Same with Eifert. Kelce's 2016 was a bit of a mirage, IMO. Delanie seems to be slipping a bit, in reaction to the drafting of Davis and the decker signing. That's probably the correct market reaction but I can't help but think he's still a fairly solid pick. PPl are drafting Hunter Henry way too early and Gates way to late. Fleener is a late round TE that I think should be targeted by drafters more. He's due for some better TD luck than last year, and Cooks' departure free up targets in this offense.

10) The recent Mike Williams (WR- LAC) news sent Fantasy Twitter on fire with Tyrell Williams hype. But he's still available in the mid rounds and he's a guy I want to take shots on when I can. He's a nice compliment to Allen, physically and can be Rivers' primary big play guy. He's an upside WR3 that I just made my WR5 in round 8 and right around guys like Devante Parker, John Brown and Eric Decker.

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