Values on my MVP Board

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Values on my MVP Board

Postby ProfPoobah » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:29 pm

Well, if my league values David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell like the MVP Board does, they won't be anywhere my team. In a 12-team league with a $200 cap, with 15 players on the roster and starting 2 RB and a possible flex, Johnson and Bell are currently priced at over $100 a piece. So, using the DS values on this draftboard as a benchmark, how would you feel with a roster like the following:

QB - Big Ben ($4)
RB - Johnson ($109)/Mixon ($26)
WR - Cooper ($25)/Baldwin ($12)
TE - Jack Doyle ($11)
Flex - Terrelle Pryor ($4)
D - whoever I can get for $1
K - whoever I can get for $1
6 Bench - $1 or $2 players - Tyrod Taylor/Duke Johnson/Jonathan Stewart/Rex Burkhead/Tyrell Williams/Corey Coleman

I also think that expecting Cooper and Baldwin at that price is overly optimistic but Doyle and players on his tier at TE should be cheaper. But, this is an upside-driven bench as well. What grade would you give this draft?

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Re: Values on my MVP Board

Postby 8eights » Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:43 pm

screw that. Get D johnson for 80. A Brown for 70. Fitz, tate or a similaiar WR for the remainder. Spend 1 apiece on 2 QBs and 2 TEs. I got wentz, taylor, witten and clay. Pick up a couple boom bust payers for a dollar. I like T Austin for that role. Then work the waiver wire like a mad man so Austin would become your bye week filler. Look for a WR that will be a WR2. The results will surprise you.

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