need help with keeper choice

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need help with keeper choice

Postby imchas » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:26 pm

keeper in Auction league, can keep 1 player 200 salary
scoring sys, QB, 1pt per comp, 1 pt per 20yds, tds are 1-9 yds 6, 10-39 yds 9, 40+ 12, QB gets double points if he runs one in based on above,
A Rodgers would cost me $53,
WR/TE 2 pts per reception, 1 pt per 10yds, tds based on above 6,9,12, double pts if they run one in, J Matthews $9, Dez B $45, Maclin $25, Olsen $9, T Smith $11
RB 1 pt per 5yds rush, 1 pt per 10yds receiving, tds as above, 6,9,12, RB's get double points if they catch a TD pass, Ivory $10
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