J.Richard or T.Cadett?

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J.Richard or T.Cadett?

Postby Matrix55 » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:21 pm

Thinking about adding Jalen Richard or Travaris Cadett. Not sure who I should drop? D.J Foster or M.Lynch. What do you think? Roster is in my signature.. This is blind bidding $100 for the year. What would you bid? Thanks
1pt per rec. 1pt per 10yards rec. 1pt per 10 yards rushing 6pts per TD...

QB's- R.Wilson, R.Tannehill
RB's- D.Williams, L.Miller, M.Lynch, D.Johnson. I.Crowell, T.Ervin, D.J.Foster
WR's- G.Tate, A.Robinson, D.Baldwin, D.Adams, M.Thomas, J.Gordon
TE's- D.Allen, J.Graham

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