J.J. Nelson

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J.J. Nelson

Postby ProfPoobah » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:31 pm

I picked the kid up this week with injuries and byes decimating my WR lineup, and hit paydirt. Got the win, but since it's a keeper league where we can protect up to 10 players, I'm now wondering whether Nelson's value going into 2017 is worth holding on to him. $200 cap, 1/2 PPR. We start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D. Player values go up $5 every year they are kept.

Is Nelson worth $6 for 2017? If not, I'll try and trade him now while his value is likely highest for this year. Floyd is a free agent and has been disappointing (scoring juuuust enough to stay on my roster), Brown is injury-prone, and Fitzgerald is 33. Bruce Arians says he's the #2 as of now.

Current roster:
Brees ($12)/Mariota ($4)
Gore ($19)/Freeman ($12)/Dixon ($6)/Yeldon ($4)/Michael ($3)/White ($1)
Brown ($26)/Cobb ($24)/Benjamin ($14)/Floyd ($7)/Decker ($3)/Wallace ($1)/Nelson ($1)/Roberts ($1)
Thomas ($10)/Fiedorowicz ($3)
Bailey ($3)
Minnesota ($3)

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