Shoulda kept Ertz...

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Shoulda kept Ertz...

Postby ProfPoobah » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:28 pm

but since I didn't, I'm once again chasing TE talent after the Charles Clay injury. I have Hunter Henry, but he's hardly inspiring confidence. Please rank these TE in a .5 PPR league format --

Butt (would be a stretch at this point, but would be easy to get)

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Re: Shoulda kept Ertz...

Postby skicks3535 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:54 pm

Out of those, I'm most intrigued by Kittle (although I think Henry is in a better position: better QB/offense). As mentioned in the week 5 recap podcast, he's a great athlete and should be 2nd behind Garcon in targets. The rest are just a group and almost impossible to rank, although Hooper clearly has the best QB, so I guess put him second
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Re: Shoulda kept Ertz...

Postby bigdog » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:55 pm

I'd take a shot with kittle. None of these guys inspire confidence though. In my mind the list should be:


Maaaaybe Njoku, but I think that is more because of the switch at qb than anything else, which would worry me going forward.

Higbee, I know nothing about, other than one decent fantasy stat line. Ebron sucks, has always sucked and will continue to suck. He is having meetings with his QB now? Ugh. Howard is being used as a blocker and brate is clearly outshining him, and Butt, well..has he even seen the field yet? I guess since he is almost back to practice there is a shot to be taken there, but I wouldn't take it.

FWIW, I probably would have cut ertz too soon as well. :)

Oh and I think it was you who told me to start crosby this past week....which was the correct call. :)
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