Add Greg Olsen? Or....?

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Add Greg Olsen? Or....?

Postby ProfPoobah » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:59 pm

So in my 12-team keeper auction league, we have 20 roster spots and only start 9. Teams have begun to separate and we have contenders and pretenders. It's getting to the point that people may begin thinking about last year, when player values go up $5 if they are kept in 2018. And in the middle of all of this, I made an annoying discovery Saturday night, namely that Greg Olsen had been cut the week before and the whole league missed out on picking him up. If Carolina hadn't already played, I would have had him for $1. Damn it! *sigh*

My problem is that I have a fair share of "dead wood" already (Andrew Luck - drafted him, oops!, Dalvin Cook and Corey Coleman - blind bid waivers, ), while happily being 4-2 and arguably the 3rd-4th best team, so it's not exactly time to scrap things and take a bunch of lottery tickets for next year. The biggest problem is finding players to drop, honestly. It's not a superstar-driven group, but it's pretty deep, with multiple spot starters.

And there certainly are some tickets to be had. Please rank the players primarily for your belief in their 2018 worth, though 1-2 of these could certainly help me this year --
Greg Olsen - will be 33 next year, should this concern me? Planning to bid $1-$3 if this is my choice
Charles Clay - player mostly likely to help this year, will Tyrod Taylor be around in 2018 to lock in on him again?
Cameron Meredith - do we like him as CHI #1 WR with a new QB?
Kenneth Dixon - injury and drug history? Sign me up!
Julian Edelman - other than the fact that I hate him, does he come back from that injury?

Current Roster:
Mariota ($9)/Luck ($8)/Brissett ($1)
Mixon ($31)/Freeman ($17)/Cook ($17)/Powell ($8)/Gillislee ($7)/Thompson ($2)
Brown ($31)/Diggs ($11)/Snead ($8)/Funchess ($6)/Coleman ($5)/Wallace ($2)/Brown ($1)
Henry ($3)/Hooper ($1)

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Re: Add Greg Olsen? Or....?

Postby bigdog » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:38 pm

If your looking for help this year, I think you have it right with


If I was ranking them pre draft for next year I'd probably rank them:


Though I could see you swapping olsen for clay depending on the QB situation. I do think olsen has some left in the tank though. Edelman, I think when healthy steps right back into place. We all thought that cooks was going to come in and dominate, but it is apparent that brady needs a certain chemistry, and it may not be there yet with cooks. I think his return and cooks presence would help both players, that is of course if brady continues to sell his soul to defeat father time.

I think meredith is a good up and comer. Not a household name, but with the "biscuit" with a year under his belt, I think we will see good things from cam.

Since both WR have the potential to be #1 wr or at least 1.5 on their respective teams, I rank them ahead of the TE's. While they are certainly #1 TE's on their teams, I think they fall short of the top tier of TE as it were.
QB – R.Wilson,J.McCown,D.Watson***
RB – D.Martin,D.Lewis,R.Burkhead,T.Cohen,J.Stewart,Jon Williams**,C.McCaffrey***,J.Howard**, D.Cobb*
WR/TE – D.Adams,S.Diggs,M.Crabtree,M.Lee,V.Davis,J.Reed,C.Clay,J.Strong*
K – H.Butker,J.Lambo
DEF – Chiefs, Broncos
* - Free Keeper until ’17,** - Free Keeper until ’18,*** - Free Keeper until ‘19

4 pts – pass td , -0.5 for int
6 pts – rush/rec td
0.5 pts - ppr
1 pt – 45 yds pass, 2 pt bonus @ 300 yds
1 pt – 15 yards rush/rec,1 pt bonus @ 100 yds rush,3 pt bonus @ 100 yds rec

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