Last minute Trade deadline Help please

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Last minute Trade deadline Help please

Postby soup2345 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:19 pm

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Thinking about trying to move Green due to him having such name recognition and his schedule down the stretch looks pretty rough. He has been very erratic this year and I don't like the boom or bust W1 he has been, especially since I already have a boom or bust WR in Hill.

Targeting L Bell and trying to come up with a decent enough offer.

My team
Currently 5-5 and scratching to get into the playoffs

Gordon, Hunt, Kamara, Martin, Abdullah
Green, Tyreeke Hill, Cooper, Sanders, C Davis

His team:

Bell, Collins, Ajayi, Woodhead,
Jeffrey, Tate, Diggs, DJax
Gronk-(he refuses to even listen to trades for gronk )

I give up
Green and Kamara

I get
Bell and Tate


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Re: Last minute Trade deadline Help please

Postby motleyman » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:41 pm

he's definitely going to need a decent RB in return, possibly even 2 (currently has 4 but 2 on same team)? You'd still be good if giving up Kamara + Martin or Abdullah, the latter 2 could end up being RB2 upgrades for him if he gives up Bell. Looks like you'd still be pretty set at WR without Green, so you might not have to grab Tate if guy is being stubborn, although it would be sweet-- he'd probably go for Green & Kamara for Bell if you really want Bell bad, he should!, but yes start with also asking for Tate at least...
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Re: Last minute Trade deadline Help please

Postby soup2345 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:45 pm


I couldn't work a deal out with the Bell owner unfortunately.

But I ended up getting a deal done with the Gurley owner.

I give
Kamara and Green

I get

I know I am overpaying for Gurley but I really don't trust Green down the stretch, mainly due to dalton and the rest of the bengals being atrocious. Guess we will see how it works out over the next 4 weeks

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