Madden 16

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Madden 16

Postby 8eights » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:24 pm

Looking to share info...Here is what I have so far.
1) you will need single bunch and single-twin TE slot for redzone offense
2) open field you cant go wrong with gun-Empty Trey and gun-tight doubles on
3) Looks like we are going with a lot of pistol unbalanced formations for counters and strong power runs again. yuck!
4) cover 3 will be very easy to pick apart, especially deep.
5) short passes vs zone make clearout theory GOLD!!!

Playbook suggestions coming soon...Buffalo's playbook will be near the top
Feel free to chime in fellas

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Re: Madden 16

Postby 8eights » Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:07 pm

OK, I'll respond to my own thread...

As of 1-14-16 I am top 3% yet again. Here is what I found...

Buffalo offensive playbook is without a doubt the best. Cowboy's is nice, but soooo many people use it that strong close formation has been beat to death. People know how to defend the toss and the man beating quick out pass play. Buffalo's is very similar, but you get single bunch ace instead of strong close. Bunch Ace will destroy man coverage, and is very strong vs zone. What I am getting at is Buffalo's book is better just because it is less known, but just as good plays as Dallas.

This was the year nano's were going to be patched out of the game. Not so. More nanos this year than I have ever seen. 3-4, nickel, they are everywhere. Your best bet is to find your own. The ones on the net are patched fairly quickly. Some may say nanos are cheating, but if you dont exploit them, you wont be good and you will hate the game.

I am still unable to use any form of a custom playbook in a ranked game. so, I go with Buff Off and NE Def. Every good 3-4 nano is in the NE Def playbook. We were told this would be resolved months ago. Extremely disappointing...

Online game issues can cause it to take a very long time to get into a ranked game. Most times I have to do a hard restart of my X One before it can find me an opponent.

I thought Julio Jones was unstoppable until I realized to hit A, rather than Y to try to stop the long bomb passes. Until you figure this out, Julio is unstoppable.

As far as team to use...Pittsburg is fun to use on Offense, but you will get frustrated stopping the pass. I use Denver. DT and Sanders are great, run game is fair. Defense is great, espc in secondary. AND Von Miller is the man you want to nano with. Decent fast backup DE to nano with for the plays where the DT comes through unblocked. What I don't like this year is not being able to see your opponents team. I play against Carolina 75% of the time.

Overall, game play is good. Need to focus more on game functionality, rather than MUT, terrible music, etc.

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