New league needs 3 owners

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New league needs 3 owners

Postby Bonoizm » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:50 pm

I am starting a new dynasty/auction/rotisserie league. Here is the site ... 3FYlsQNQUn

I will paste the rules below. If you have any questions please email me


2012 The Dawg Pound Fantasy Football League Bylaws

Welcome to the Inaugural Year of the Dawg Pound Fantasy Football League

This is a keeper league with a salary cap, auction draft, rotisserie scoring style and free agency system. The purpose of this league is to simulate the ownership and management of a NFL Franchise and to compete for a League Prize. This document, amended annually as needed, will set forth the parameters under which our league will operate and how performance will be measured. Please review the entire manual and contact the Commissioner if you have any questions. All team owners are strongly encouraged to provide feedback such as suggestions for rule proposals. Any issues that arise during the season not addressed herein shall be resolved by the best judgment of the Commissioner and the Executive Committee on a case by case basis. Changes to the Bylaws and rule proposals can be recommended by any owner at any time, but will not be considered until after the current season. All suggestions are to be submitted to the Commissioner.

Free Agent Auction
• The auction draft will be held on 8/26/12 at 11:00 AM West Coast Time. The draft will be held online.
• All teams must have their team fee paid at least 30 days prior to the draft to participate in the auction draft.
• There will be an unlimited number of bids during the auction draft. The auction is complete when all teams have 18 players on their roster. The 2012 Draft will include all players and then future drafts will be for non-keepers and rookies.
• The order for nominating players will be submitted, based on last year’s results, prior to the draft and will remain constant each round.
• A player nomination must include the name of the player, NFL Team, position played, and opening bid.
• During the auction, you must draft enough players to field a starting lineup and 9 option players, 18 players total all within the confines of the salary cap. Teams may not place a bid on a player if the bid places them over the salary cap. This will include factoring the $1 minimum per available roster slot during the bidding process. There will be no trading or dropping of players during the auction.
• There are some restrictions on how or when a team would like to nominate players. All bids must be legal with respect to the bidding team’s salary cap and roster restrictions. You may not elect to pass on opportunity to nominate a player. You must pass on your opportunity once you have 18 players on your roster. If you have not filled a minimum starting roster on your last pick(s), you must nominate a position player that will complete your starting roster (if you have 17 players on your roster, but no Defense, then your 18th nomination must be a Defense, if your bid is not successful, then your next bid(s) must be a Defense again until you get one). Additional details regarding the draft follow at the end of this document.

Salary Cap
• Each team will be given a salary cap of $200 for the Auction Draft.
• Salary Cap increases to $225 at the completion of the auction draft.
• Salary Cap decreases to $200 after the Championship Game.
• Your keepers may not exceed $100 in salary for next season.

Team Rosters
• At the completion of the auction, each team roster will consist of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1D and 9 option players.
• 7 Days before the Free Agent Auction team owners will be required to submit their list of keeper players to the commissioner. Each team may keep any number of players but no more than $200.

• You may keep an unlimited amount of players, however your keepers may not exceed $200 in salary for next season.
• If a player is released, he is made available to all teams in the next free agent auction.

The Regular Season
•Teams will compete against each other during the regular season competing in 10 separate categories:

1. QB pass yards
2. RB rush yards
3. WR rec yards
4. QB 6 points TD -2 points for interceptions thrown
5. RB/WR/TE 6 points for TD’s
6. PK 3 point FG 1-45 yards, 4 points FG 46-49 yards, 5 points FG 50-51 yards, 6 points 52 yards and beyond
7. Defense 1 point per sack, 2 points for turnovers, 2 points for safeties, 6 points for TD’s.
8. WR .5 points per reception
9. RB 1 points per reception
10. TE 1.5 points per reception

Weekly Requirements
Each week, throughout the 16 week season and the TDPFFL schedule every team owner will be required to complete the following requirements. No excuses are accepted.
1. Enter your team’s complete lineup on time every week on the online site. The weekly deadline for submitting starting lineups is 12:55 PM EST. In weeks where there are Thursday, Friday, or Saturday games, the deadline for submitting players involved in those games into the starting lineup is 5 minutes before kickoff of said game.
2. The league web site will be the official lineup for an owner. E-mails to the commissioner and opponents are merely a courtesy. If the e-mailed lineup differs from the lineup entered online, the online lineup will be used.
3. Failure to submit a fully active starting lineup three times in one season will result in the loss of franchise and it will be put up for sale to the highest bidder who will take over the team immediately. All players on a suspended team’s active roster are ineligible to be traded and no transactions are allowed until a brand new owner is found.
4. For early games team owners only need to submit the player(s) who will be in the starting lineup and playing in the early games even if the player(s) were in the lineup the previous week. The remainder of the lineup may be submitted by Sunday at 12:55 PM EST.

Starting lineups will consist of 9 players using the following combination, no other combinations are accepted.

Free Agency

Free Agency starts immediately following the auction. Each week, through Week 16, Free Agent Signings will work on a silent bid process, where each team may make bids for multiple players during the signing period. The team with the highest bid for a player will receive the player. In a case where more than one team makes equal bids for the same player, the team with the worst point total will receive the player. It is acceptable to pick up a player that you previously released or traded. You may have a player on your roster a maximum of 2 different times during a season. Once you drop or trade a player for the second time, you cannot attempt to claim him a third time. If you do pick up a player that you previously released or traded, you must pick him up at the same or higher salary as when he was on your team previously. You may bid for multiple players, as long as you prioritize how you want those bids placed.

1. Free agent bidding will start each Monday and end each Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time.
2. To make a bid on a free agent, you must state the player you’re bidding on, the amount of your bid and any player(s) you’ll need to waive in order to free up either a roster spot, or room under the salary cap.
3. When making multiple free agent bids, you need to clearly state how you’d like the bids prioritized by player, or by the bid amount, and what player(s) will be waived based on which player(s) you get.
4. If a free agent bid is made but does not adhere to these rules, the bid will not be honored and the next highest bid will be accepted.
5. All free agent transactions must be processed by the commissioner before the transaction is considered complete.
6. The commissioner must e-mail his free agent bids to an owner not participating in the free agent bidding that week (preferably an owner on the Executive Committee) by Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST at the latest.
7. If multiple team owners make a bid on the same player, the highest bid gets the player. If the bids are the same, then the team with the lowest points will get the player in all cases.
8. Any player that is released will enter the Free Agent pool and will be eligible to be bid on the next week.

1. All Trades must be made through the “transaction” section on the league web site. E-mails, phone calls to the Commissioner or others do not constitute an official trade
2. To start a newly acquired player via trade, the trade must be complete and the players must be legal according to the rules concerning lineup submissions.
3. Any trade viewed as one-sided, questionable or unethical is subject to approval by the Rules Committee at the request of the Commissioner, or any 2 owners. There will be no Collusion, Loaning or Dumping of Players. Trades must be contested within the first 48 hours of the trade. After 48 hours if there is no protest, the trade cannot be overturned.
4. All trades must be completed each week by Wednesday at 8:00 PM. The Commissioner’s trading deadline is Tuesday at 5:00 PM, or when he submits his free agent bidding intentions, whichever comes first.
5. Trading deadline is the Wednesday before week 10 games.
6. There will be no trading of Auction Dollars in future drafts.
7. There will be no trades involving “Players to be Named Later”
8. All trades are subject to approval pending the status of the teams involved as dictated by the rules governing teams on probation and/or suspension.

Franchise Fees & Earnings

We will need to agree on an entry fee and will give breakdown when fee and amount of teams in the league is decided.


Will be determined when site is up at and will be rotisserie style.

UFFL Executive Committee
• The decision of the Commissioner supersedes the rules herein and is final in any disputes. He also has the power to change a rule with an unforeseen loophole post de facto (After the fact) for the benefit of the league. The overall good of the league as a whole will be greater then the benefit to any sum of its constituents.
• The Commissioner will be responsible to keep the every-day operations of the League running smoothly.
• The Executive Committee will be established to oversee and overturn any trade deemed detrimental to the competitive balance of the league.
• The Executive Committee will only be enacted if at least 2 owners file formal complaints to the Commissioner, or if the Commissioner requests the Executive Committee to be enacted.
• If a committee member is involved in a disputed trade, he will be excused from the committee for that trade.
• A 2/3 majority vote by the committee is required to overturn a trade (i.e., with 5 committee members, 4 need to vote to overturn it; with 4 members, 3 are needed and with 3 members, 2 are needed).

The Draft
Please come as prepared as possible for the draft. We will conduct the Auction Draft via the Internet. Please set aside at least 6 hours for the actual draft. The speed of the individual members making their respective bids, and how many actual bids are made on players, will determine how quickly we can complete the draft. Prior to the start of the draft, we will spend a few minutes discussing any specific issues that are brought to our attention regarding the league format, scoring system, and salary cap issues. Each Team will be given a salary cap of $200 to conduct the draft. You can spend less than the $200, but no more. The minimum salary for a player will be $1, and there will be no set maximum, although realistically, somewhere in the $65-$75 range will be a practical “top end” for even the best of players. Each team will be required to draft 18 players, no less, and no team will be allowed to “pass” on their opportunity to nominate a player until their roster is complete. It will be up to all members to bring any issues surrounding position at the time of the bid to be sure that no one will be drafted in a position that they don’t actually play. We will use as a reference to qualify each player in the case of any dispute, but most of the players and their respective positions will be obvious. After the opening bid, members are free to bid on the player and increase their bids as they see fit. Once the highest bid is made, the player joins the winning bidders roster at that salary and the available funds will be reduced for that owner’s team. You may not withdraw a bid once placed, and you may not drop a player or trade him to another team during the draft. Trades will be allowed between teams after the completion of the draft, subject to the roster restrictions and salary cap limitations.

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