help setting up a league with 12 teams,4 divisions

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help setting up a league with 12 teams,4 divisions

Postby cantuckee » Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:44 pm

thinking about rearranging the league from 3 divisions of 4 teams, to 4 divisions of 3 teams to get more teams in the playoffs....4 division winners and 2 wildcards...where can i go to see how the schedule should be set up?..should play each division foe twice and everyone else there a website to see how it should be set up?
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Re: help setting up a league with 12 teams,4 divisions

Postby jakam31 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:57 pm

No website and I hope I am not off base, but here is my suggestion:

Division A
Team 1A
Team 2A
Team 3A

Division B
Team 1B
Team 2B
Team 3B

Division C
Team 1C
Team 2C
Team 3C

Division D
Team 1D
Team 2D
Team 3D

Playing each division foe twice (4 games) and every other team once (9 games) puts you into Week 14 for the first round of the playoffs. I would make the Division Champions the 1-4 Seeds with next 2 highest point getters being the Wild Card teams. The reason I would go with highest point getters is because it forces everyone to stay competitive throughout the year. It should look like this:

Week 14 - Wild Card Weekend
Game 1: Division Winner (4 seed) vs. Wild Card 1 (5 seed)
Game 2: Division Winner (3 Seed) vs. Wild Card 2 (6 Seed)
#1 Seed and #2 Seed - BYE

Week 15 - Semi Finals
Game 3: Division Winner (1 Seed) vs. Lowest Remaining Seed
Game 4: Division Winner (2 Seed) vs. Highest Remaining Seed

Week 16: Super Bowl

As far as the Weekly Schedule goes, if you gave me enough time I could work that out for you as well.
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Re: help setting up a league with 12 teams,4 divisions

Postby Poobah » Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:47 pm handles the league I am in with this format. Our division winners are seeds 1-4, and we have two wildcards. Best two division winners get a bye into the semifinals. Playoffs start week 14, and teams play division foes twice.

May I strongly suggest that, if you do it this way, that you rotate the teams in the divisions yearly? I'm in a keeper league, and in the 5 years this league has had this format, one division has 6 out of the 10 wild cards earned. 6-2-1-1, when the expected "random" assignment of wild cards would be 3-3-2-2. The owners will not agree to rotate teams in the divisions for two reasons:

1) the closest friends (and in one case, spouses) are in the same division, ensuring two matchups yearly
2) the teams in the historically sh!tty divisions are content to win their divisions with 7-6 records, while 8-5 teams have to play as wild cards (as recently as last year, and yes, I was one of the wild cards) in the other divisions

In another league I am in, we eliminated divisions entirely (three 4-team divisions previously) because the random draw for teams pretty much had the best 4 teams in one division (26-2 interdivisional record, these 4 teams had!) and the worst 4 teams in another (5-23 interdivisional record). Teams with 8-5 and 7-6 (me, naturally - *groan*) records missed the playoffs while a 5-8 team got a 3 seed for winning a division the 2010 NFC West would have been better than...

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