Do you like Auctions? Yeah. Do one tonight!

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Do you like Auctions? Yeah. Do one tonight!

Postby UnluckyZ » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:01 pm

Tonight will be the 8th straight night that I've filled a live auction league at Phenoms, and this streak is likely to continue all the way through the start of the season. I could go on and on about the benefits of auctions over drafts, like the ability to shape your team as you want, and not getting sniped by the guy picking before you, and not having to reach because you don't like anyone on the board at the current time. But you already knew that.

Phenoms Fantasy Sports has two auction formats: Live and Slow, which are quite different. The Live auctions rattle off one player at a time, with quick bidding, before moving to the next player. These take roughly 2.5 hours to complete. For this season, we'll still be using the live auction room at to conduct the auction since it's stable, smooth, and works on their iPad app as well. The Slow format takes roughly 10 days to complete, as owners can each nominate 2 new players per day. This puts 20 to 40 players on the board at any given time. Bidding is eBay proxy-style, and the 18 hour timer only resets if a new high bidder takes over a player. You have to manage your money wisely since you can't be bidding on all players at once. These are way more fun than a Slow draft where you have to wait to pick. Hop on and make bids any time of day!

Upcoming Auctions:
Friday, August 1st: $50 live auction at 9 PM ET, 12 teams
Saturday, August 2nd: $200 live auction at 9:30 PM ET, 12 teams
Sunday, August 3rd: $50 live auction at 9 PM ET, 12 teams
Monday, August 4th: $100 live auction at 8 PM ET, 12 teams
Monday, August 4th: $50 live auction at 9 PM ET, 12 teams

High Stakes slow auction: EPSILON 10, starts when full, $1000, 12 teams. Has 2 paid and 6 more interested.

Many more are open, too. Join a fantasy football auction league here:

Phenoms Fantasy Sports homepage:

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