Today: Dynasty, Auction Keeper, IDP leagues + regular drafts

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Today: Dynasty, Auction Keeper, IDP leagues + regular drafts

Postby UnluckyZ » Sat Aug 30, 2014 6:06 pm

Today's dynasty, auction keeper, and IDP leagues are each getting closer to full, plus there are regular drafts and auctions as well as an Auction-N-Go and Draft-N-Go. So much variety!

Dynasty startup DELTA 74 is a $100 live draft with VIC, PPR, 2-Flex, and BB waivers at 9:15 PM ET (needs 6)

IDP league IOTA 100 is a $100 live draft at 8:30 PM ET and needs just 5 more

SIGMA 29 is a live Auction Keeper league at 10 PM ET and needs 6 more. Auction Keeper has escalating salaries in the offseason and a salary cap throughout the year.

The next draft up is ALPHA 239 this afternoon at 4:30 PM ET, 12 teams, $50, H2H, PPR, 1-Flex, BB. I just added it since the prior afternoon leagues have already filled.

Find your league:

Enjoy the college football action today!

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