Joined a new redraft (March Madness tournament style)

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Joined a new redraft (March Madness tournament style)

Postby homer » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:47 am

Just got in this new startup redraft with some pretty cool feature/format. Looks like there is about 15 teams left. Thought I'd post here in case anyone here wants to grab a team! A bit different than the usual redraft rules but a very cool format. 4 divisions of 16 teams each. Regular season goes to week 10, then everyone goes into a March Madness tournament style playoff. Top 32 continue on in tourney play. It's all-play too so you end up playing 630 games basically and you really get a sense of the best teams after that. $1k to the winner on a $55 entry.

Here's his message:

A 64 team redraft league with a $55 entry and more than 1k going to the champ. For this league think fantasy football meets college basketball march madness. Below is a link to the league as well as a copy of the rules. There is even a payout equal to the entry fee for the owner that recruits the most owners to the league. With a league of this size I think it will be important for many in the league to work on recruiting. Its a way for someone to play for free. If you'd like to join or just have questions please let me know. (Commish is Toby,

I want to wait until the league is half full or so before collecting money, so there's some time before you would need to pay.

$1k Football Madness League

League Overview:

*The idea behind the league is to have a March madness type tournament at the end of the regular season where the Champ will win over $1,000 dollars with just a small entry fee. In order to achieve that, the tournament will have to start in week 11. Since the NFL has used BYE weeks into week 11, and sometimes week 12 that has to be taken into account when putting together a team.

*League Fee will be $55 (includes fee)

*The league will consist of 64 owners.

*League will consist of 4 divisions.

* Championship Bracket (all 64 teams will compete)

* Consolation Bracket (32 teams that lose in the first week of the Championship bracket complete)

*100% of league money is paid out minus MFL fee.

*All money will be held and paid out by

*Player Universe - All NFL Players - Each division will have their own player universe.

*Scoring Type - PPR (Point per receptions) and performance based decimal scoring.

*Standings - Winning percentage

*Schedule- All in play.

*3rd Round Reversal

* Kentucky Derby style draft lotto (pick your draft slot)


*$55 X 64 = $3520 minus $140 MFL fee (early bird price)

*1st - $1000

*2nd - $500

*3rd - $260

* #1 seeds (4) - $100

*Elite 8 teams (8) - $50

*Final Four teams (4) - $100

*Consolation bracket winner - $100

*Division that finishes their draft first - $160 - $10 per team.

*Recruiting bonus - $55

*Team that scores the most regular season points - $105


If you want in, email the commish. Please tell him that I recruited you. My team is the San Diego Chargers - AFC division. There are 4 divisions and you get to pick what team you want and in what division, if it is still open. If it is it will say so right next to the team name.

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Re: Joined a new redraft (March Madness tournament style)

Postby Poobah » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:44 am

I just sent the guy an e-mail, and may be joining in on the fun. I did send him your team info, so you'd get the recruitment...

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