Dear Diary

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Dear Diary

Postby cowboybob » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:34 pm

Dear Diary,

Monday: Psychologically destroyed, knowing I overthought my starting line-ups . Didn't sleep well knowing that I needed 17 points from someone like Marquez Colston/Torrey Smith on Monday night and knowing that his range is anywhere from 0-35. But I killed in my free league on ESPN because my opponent had not set his roster since the draft. Yesss! Torrey scores to give him 18 pts. Oh no...he fumbles on last play...only 16

Tuesday: Clinically depressed seeing my next opponent in one league has Peyton, Calvin, and "I DON'T REMEMBER HIM GETTING SPROLES IN THE 13th round????" Late afternoon had a brief moment of giddiness when I heard that opponent;s RB1 was questionable only to be crushed by the news that TMZ was publishing video of racist rants by my RB1....CRAP! My RB2 has a fricken bye. Not going to waste a lot of time on waiver decisions. All my under-performing/injured players are sure due to have a break-out week. I drafted them 2 rounds later than their ADP so it's inevitable that they perform. And they had 2 Z's by their name!!!!

Wednesday: Ahhh...weekly rankings. That will help! My QB is projected to outscore his by 2.2 points. Probably best I stop right there. I feel good and seeing how everyone else on our rosters projects would just be gut-wrenching. Doesn't matter....TMZ rumor was true about RB1 but nothing to worry about because club officials don't want to make a decision until they've had time to discover all the facts. That surely could take weeks.

Thursday: Pretty excited about the Thurs. night match-up. It's the Bucs and the Raiders and I have an opponent in one league that has a kicker active. WHAT! The whole pre-game show is devoted to interviews of politicians, civil-rights leaders, soccer moms and game-show hosts pontifacating how RB1 should be in maximum security for a very long time. I sure didn't see that happening. And what business is this of corporate America to be putting their 2 cents in for. But his hand-cuff is on waivers and he was from a small DIV II program but had 4.2 speed at the combine. Glad I have that to fall back on. Opponent's K gets 3 FGs. I can live with that except is that the league you get where you get bonuses for length? Yep...3 50+ FG = 15 + 3 XPs =18. LUCKY BASTARD!

Friday: I need to start recording I don't know who the guy was but he said something nice about one of my players. That really helps. I want to know what else this guy thinks. He's very astute!! I think he was the guy that used to be at ESPN but got fired because when he was 9 years old, he wrote in his diary, "I HATE MY PARENTS!"

Saturday: In serious over-thinking mode. It should be an Olympic sport. It's like mental Sumo wrestling and easily scored. College football is kinda cool. It's like foreplay with commercials. Goods kids who know how to behave. Their mothers must be so proud. What? Mel Kiper? How is anyone know which rookies are bank next year?

Sunday: I am going to kick some butt!!!

UPDATE...due to the graphic nature of what happened next I am unable to continue ...only a Shark could imagine the gory details.

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