Injuries up the !@#$*&% ... !@#$!&@*#($%@$#!

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Injuries up the !@#$*&% ... !@#$!&@*#($%@$#!

Postby Poobah » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:23 pm

Okay, I get that injuries are a major part of the game, yes yes. Still, in the league where I'm trying to defend my championship...

Big Ben - 3 missed games
LeSean McCoy - 2 missed games (now since traded)
Steve Smith - 1 missed game + 8 more games
Le'Veon Bell - 2 missed games (susp.) + 8 more games

Add in LaDarius Green limping off the field (and about to get cut) and me cutting Kendall Wright for a defense right before kickoff only to watch him get hurt, and this is just friggin' ridiculous. Barring a miracle collapse by Carolina's D, I'll be 6-2 and in a tie for second. Yet, I get the feeling that 2015 is turning into a big "what-if" year for me.

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