Losing by .1 points

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Losing by .1 points

Postby Mike@USF » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:55 am

Like the title says, I lost, to my little sister by .1 points, and in the first year we let her in our 12 team PPr league that started in the early 90s. We used to use the USA today model and you could switch up to 4 players per week, and the crazy high scoring system that went with it. All dads and sons, my dad was the commish and I was like 10 years old, those were the days. It has been years, we use ESPN, some dads have died, some sons left because they are "too busy", so now we have our sisters and spouses joining.

That was the calming part, for me, before I rehash this garbage.

I spent a lot of time when I was a little kid looking at match ups, picking the right plays each week even looking to the next week because you could only swap 4 players a week so there was a real need to pick players with consecutive good match ups, not this 1 week business which should be a joke. Now, I pay draft sharks for a subscription, I listen to your podcasts, I listen to Berry mostly because he is entertaining. I take your projections seriously.

My roster consists of 2 QB, Rivers and Tanehill. You said Rivers, so I went with it. Tanehill did better.

My roster has 6 RB, Charles and Dixon are out, you suggested Ware and Langford, so I went with it. Riddick and Jones each did better.

My roster consists of 6 WR, I play 3 because I flex WR. You suggested Brown, Evans, and Floyd (who is perennially garbage), so I went with it. Only Evans was in the top 3 WR, as Coleman, t smith, and even Stills outperformed the other 2. Admittedly I wouldn't have benched brown even if you said to, but Floyd I can not see playing ever again unless there is a bye week.

I needed .1 point, if you had just gotten 2 of the 6 positions right, or if I defied the projections I would have won. I'm not listing TE, D, or K because I have 1 of each so there isn't really a question of who plays. Last year I had cancelled my membership, but got sucked back in this year. I'm thinking really hard right now about listening to these projections or not.

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