Curious as to how the sharks thought I did???

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Curious as to how the sharks thought I did???

Postby rkelly » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:43 pm

12 team re-draft, 2ppr td/yardage league, have to have 2 qb, 4 rb, 4 wr/te, 2 k and 2 def on roster at all times.

we re draw for draft positions after every 2 rounds. Here is what I did:
1.8 M. Lynch
2.5 D. Brees..wanted Bush here and brees in the 3rd but he was taken
3.6 T. Jones
4.7 C.Johnson (det)
5.6 J. Cotchery
6.7 D. Williams
7.2 S. Moss
8.11 Dallas D
9.9 D. Bowe
10.4 A. Rogers
11.1 Tampa D
12.12 J. Scobee
13.2 R. Longwell
14.11 M.Morris..thinking of taking P. Thomas, or K. Jones could still get them on the waiver wire and drop MoMo

about the only guys we targeted that we didn't get were R. Bush, L. Evans, and C.Johnson (tenn).
thanks for your input!
yardage/td league, 2PPR, 12 teams (re-draft)
QB(1): Cutler, Palmer
RB(2): Lacy, L. Miller, T. Mason, R. Mathews
WR(2): Julio, Cooks, Hopkins, Beckham
K (1): Novak, Graham
D (1): Dal, Clev

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