Just Completed...Shark Thoughts?

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Just Completed...Shark Thoughts?

Postby cubsfantx » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:10 pm

Just finished. A few curve balls when I was looking fastball, but followed strategy for the most part. 12 team redraft, picking from the 5 hole, scoring and starting lineup requirements in signature...what do you think?

1.05 JAddai (was thinking MBarber, but SJax when 1.03, so I felt like JAddai was it.)
2.08 RWayne (RB heavy and RWayne fell to me here...Manning, you're OK, right?)
3.05 AJohnson (targeting DBress, but he went 2.04. Got a WR1 at a WR2 price.)
4.08 TJones (wanted Big Ben, thought he might last, so I went with the DS favorite)
5.05 Big Ben (YEP! He fell to me! Got a good core team)
6.08 MForte (was thinking about DClark here, but he went at 6.04, had thoughts of a WR3 with RWilliams, but he went at 6.06...someone took JFargas @ 6.07 (ha!)...felt like MForte was a good value here for a RB3 even with a bad offense.)
7.05 JuJones (again, was thinking WR3... but JuJones as a RB3/4 was too good to pass up.)
8.08 PCrayton (finally, WR3...now I hear Boldin may be on his way to Dallas...crap)
9.05 JKitna (QB2 that I might be starting on select weeks)
10.08 DRhodes (well, I wanted JAddai's backup, and took him here. Too early, CPerry and RRice were still on the board when I looked again. Most questionable pick of the draft)
11.05 CTaylor, HOU (CPerry and RRice when immediately after my DRhodes pick, so I decided against a WR4 and went with another DS favorite)
12.08 DJackson (finally got my WR4. I like him allot here)
13.05 RMcMichael (after not getting DClark, I decided to wait and take DLee, GNB, for my first TE. He went at 13.03, so I hope RMcMichael will work with...
14.08 ZMiller (I've liked him all along and thought I could get him here. My TEs will be the wild card of the year)
15.05 GNB Def
16.08 JHanson
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Postby QuarterDMG » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:04 pm

Not bad. You better pray that Manning's OK or you're in deep! I definitely love your first 5 picks.

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