Traded Down in the draft but I feel coinfident

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Traded Down in the draft but I feel coinfident

Postby » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:20 pm

Fellow Sharks, let me know your thoughts on this squad. 12 teams/no ppr. I actually traded down from the #1 position to 7th but recieved the #1 & #7 picks in the 4th round. According to draft analyzer, the trade gave me 27% more value than just taking the 1st position outright (Risky, since I was assured of LT or AP).

1. F Gore, RB
2. R Wayne, WR
3. W Parker, RB
4. S Holmes & J Cotchery, WRs
5. M Forte, RB
6. L Evans, WR
7. Patriots DST
8. J Kitna, QB
9. C Johnson, RB
10. A Rodgers, QB
11. O Daniels, TE
12. T Ginn, WR
13 LJ Smith, TE
14. R Longwell, K
15. Ravens DST
16. N Burleson, WR

Since I have 17 players and can only hold 16, I'm looking to trade up my RBs with my ample WR crew. Thoughts???
QB - Luck, Marriota
RB - L Miller, D Martin, Whittaker
WR - TY Hilton, R Cobb, M Floyd, M Jones, D Parker
TE - Kelce, Ebron
K - Bryant
DST - Cardinals, Bengals

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Postby Celow » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:33 pm

It's not too bad. If you can shore up a better RB from trading then you would of course be in better shape. Still, you won't know about some of your WR until the season begins and we get a feel for the likes of Ginn and Evans.
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