10 team draft results

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10 team draft results

Postby CheeseHusker » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:39 pm

Snake draft, standard scoring, te = flex, can go qrrwww or qrwwww. This bit shifted the MVP heavily to receivers. Had the 7th pick

1 - Julio Jones - very happy with this - first receiver behind 5 rbs and luck
2 - Demaryius Thomas - couldn't believe he was still out there
3 - Gore - this pick I'm still struggling with - was leaning toward Jordan Matthews/Brandin Cooks (next 2 picks) but was leery on missing a decent back
4 - Lamarr Miller
5 - Charles Johnson - total DS pick - wanted Amari Cooper, but he went two picks ahead
6 - Blount - value at this level
7 - Big Ben - receivers thinned out and qbs starting to go
8 - Nelson Agholor - can't have Matthews, so I'll take the rook instead
9 - Kendall Wright
10 - Marques Colston - solid pick this late
11 - Texican D
12 - Derek Carr - flier at QB - was pondered Mariotta, but he was just taken
13 - Ryan Matthews - value pick, esp if Demarco gets hurt - lots of other backs I liked and will watch
14 - random kicker

Overall pretty happy with my draft - couple elite receivers and backs I can work with the remaining receivers to fill that flex position. Looking back, I think I'd rather have taken Jordan Matthews - there were enough backs left to pass on Gore who might have even slid back on the loop - but perhaps Agholor will hit - wanted a part of the Philly O
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