Final draft of the year.....

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Final draft of the year.....

Postby mcghee3 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:43 pm

Had the 10th pick in my last re-drafter last night. Aside from the DS Keeper, this is by far my most competitive league. In 13 years, we've had 9 different champs (only one to my name). Start 1QB/2-3RB/2-3WR/1-2TE/1K/1D-ST. PPR with 6pts for all TDs, including passing. So, without further adieu...

1.10 - CJ Anderson....there was no other choice here for me unless Lacy somehow fell to here (he almost did but went 7th).
2.03 - Dez Bryant....could not believe he was still available here. Luck went at the turn or may have thought about bucking the wait on a QB.
3.10 - Jordan Matthews....I already love my starting WRs. Gore was still available but I knew one guy already had 2 RBs behind me and knew Matthews wouldn't get back.
4.03 - Frank Gore...rolled the dice and it paid off. Great value, pitch count or not, I'm buying Gore this year.
5.10 - Big Ben....took him ahead of Brady and Ryan. I still think they're gonna be a wide open offense with or without Bryant for 4 games.
6.03 - Jonathan Stewart...I've seen him go higher. Thought this was real good value for a starting RB.
7.10 - Allen Robinson....somewhat shocked he was still hanging around considering the WR run earlier on.
8.03 - Todd Gurley....even though he may miss the first myou RB4, several rounds below his ADP? This might be my favorite pick of the draft.
9.10 - Charles Johnson....Gurley was my favorite pick till now. Big fan of this guy and now my WRs are set.
10.03 - Delanie Walker...I think he's in for a big year.
11.10 - Jordan Reed....Man if this guy can stay healthy.....
12.03 - Philip Rivers.....backup choices were him or Flacco.
13.10 - Pierre Garcon.....mebe with Cousins under center he's in for a decent year.
14.03 - NYJ D
15.10 - Steven Hauschka
16.03 - Lance Dunbar.....ya never know. Could be holding fantasy gold

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