Help with QB and DST please

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Help with QB and DST please

Postby ozarkbc » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:41 am

Need to decide on a QB and DST. We play two weeks in the playoffs, so I can reset my lineup again after week 16.

2 QB league--Starting Rivers for sure and have to choose between Foles and Flacco.

Foles doesn't play until Monday night, so do I gamble on Minnesota winning the late game Saturday or do I go ahead and play Flacco in the early game on Saturday?

I could go ahead and drop Flacco and play whatever QB Philly plays Monday night, but that scares me. Andy Dalton is on waivers for whatever that means LOL.

DST--I dropped a couple of guys I don't think I would ever play anyway and now have 3 defensive choices the next two weeks.
Jacksonville @ SF
Minnesota @ Green Bay
Chicago at home vs Cleveland

We only have scoring stats for DST with no penalty for points allowed.
All TD's on DST are 6 points
Sacks --1 point
Fumble Recovery--2 points
Interceptions --2 points
Blocks 2 points
safety--2 points

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